I’m a fourth year Arts/Commerce student from Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently undertaking my last semester in undergraduate studies at Monash University. My Commerce major is ‘International Commerce.

In a way I live a double life.  For half of the year I am a student, but for the other half I am a professional skier, traveling the world to compete, train and film. I decided to take a Digital Marketing class as an elective as I thought it would be relevant to my skiing career.

My mind has truly been blown by the opportunities digital marketing presents. The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know. While it’s important to escape to the analogue world from time to time, digital marketing really is the way of the future for marketing and brand exposure. Welcome to Anna’s log- my learnings and insights about digital marketing. If you’d like to check out what’s happening in my “other” life, click on the link above, to annasegal.com

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